Children’s Programs at the Library: Gran’daddy Junebug presents W’en Dey ‘Listed Colored Soldiers

Thursday, October 5 at 12:00pm
Venue: Charleston County Public Library, Auditorium
Address: 68 Calhoun Street
Admission: Free
Produced by: Charleston County Public Library

Feel the climate of America and check the pulse of the unsung heroes of the Civil War from “Whistlin’ Sam”, “Lias”, “Whisperin’ Bill”, “William Carney” and others whose recollections and stories of unflinching courage were never told. From the works of great writers and scholars as Paul Laurence Dunbar and Dr. Rex Ellis, this heart wrenching portrayal depicts how the “Colored Soldiers” sacrificed their lives in various battles to “save the union” and “to mek’ our people free”. This 60-minute performance is designed for teens and adults.


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